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        Shell appoints VCCP to their ‘agency of the future’ roster
        Aug 6, 2018

        Shell Retail and Shell Global Commercial (Lubricants) have appointed VCCP and VCCP Retail to their best-in-class agency roster. They will work alongside six other creative agencies to help enhance Shell’s global brand and marketing voice as part of their global ‘Agency of the Future’.

        Adrian Coleman, Group CEO of VCCP said; “Shell is a universally recognisable brand and this win signifies the breadth and depth of our global capabilities. We can’t wait to start working with the team to make a positive impact on their business.”

        Julian Douglas, Vice Chairman of VCCP said; “Shell as an energy company is at the frontier of the Energy transition. As the challenger agency, VCCP can’t wait to join them on their journey.”

        The new roster will formally commence on the 1st September.